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Our motivation: cleanliness without a care

Cleanliness without a care; for everyone, everywhere!

Personal hygiene is an important condition for staying healthy, especially when travelling for work, school or just a holiday. With the refillable LESSEAU Travel soap dispenser, you’ll always have your own soap with you and keep your hands clean anytime, anywhere.

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Why do we use soap bars?

LESSEAU travel soap is made from traditional handmade bars of soap. We believe that traditional soap is the best way of washing your hands to remove bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. Although bacteria cannot survive on a bar of soap, many consider a wet, recently-used block of soap to be inhygienic. That’s why we developed the LESSEAU dispenser, which slices off small pieces of soap without the soap itself getting wet. This pocket-sized soap dispenser will prevent the soap inside it from coming into contact with users and water.

Natural and vegan

At LESSEAU, we primarily use natural, organic, plant-based ingredients in our soap. That’s how we created this sustainable and completely vegan product, which nourishes the skin as you wash your hands. Our soap is hydrating and will ensure that your hands stay moisturized and refreshed after each use.

Solid and sustainable

LESSEAU’s brand is built upon creating effective and sustainable products. Our soap dispensers are solid and refillable, and can be used again and again. The durable LESSEAU Travel soap dispenser peels the traditional, handmade soap directly into your hands. Because the soap itself doesn’t contain water – this is added in the form of tap water by the user – we were able to make the dispenser incredibly compact. One refill pack of natural soap will last for at least 350 to 500 uses.

Around the world, we use millions of liters of liquid soap. Did you know that only a small portion (around 4%) of these products consists of actual soap? This means that we’re effectively paying for plastic bottles of water to wash our hands with. This is simply not sustainable – brands should make banning disposable plastic a priority right now.

Less transport, less pollution

Besides the waste created by empty soap bottles which are thrown out after one single use, there’s also the fact that these products require unnecessary masses of water to be transported around the globe. This has to stop. Our planet cannot sustain the transportation of products that are around 25 times larger and heavier than they need to be. That’s the opposite of the sustainable path that we’re aiming for.

You’re in control with LESSEAU travel soap!


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