Liquid soap is packaged
in disposable plastic

It consists of 85-90% water, often from areas where water is scarce

This is shipped
all over the world

Our motivation: A clear purpose

making hygiene convenient and sustainable

As you might be surprised to learn, traditional bar soap is far superior to liquid soap in all aspects but one. Convenience. Sadly, this has proven to be the deciding factor pushing the world to using liquid soap. Exhausting and polluting our planet in the process. This has to change.LESSEAU Travel soap dispenser, you’ll always have your own soap with you and keep your hands clean anytime, anywhere.

mille fleur tekeningen our motivation

This is why LESSEAU was founded – to make hygiene both convenient and sustainable. From our background in innovative product development, we revisited the concept of bar soap. And we fixed it. Making it every bit as convenient as its liquid counterpart.

Why bar soap?

Bar soap is the best way to remove bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. It offers superior hygiene and moisturizes the skin without irritation. Our bar soap is vegan and produced locally in the Netherlands from natural ingredients – and without the chemicals required for liquid soaps. Much better for your skin, as any dermatologist will tell you. And much better for our planet, as no disposable plastic packaging and shipping of water-filled bottles is required.

Re-fillable dispensers

Although bacteria cannot survive on a bar of soap, many consider a wet, recently-used block of soap to be unhygienic. And – compared to liquid soap – a bit of a hassle. That’s why we developed the LESSEAU dispensers. Our dispensers contain blades that scrape off small amounts of soap that fall onto your hands, so you can then wash them under the tap. Simple, sustainable, hygienic.

Clean hands, clean conscience

Wash your hands without wasting water, without leaving a huge carbon footprint, and without single-use plastic packaging. But with maximum hygiene and convenience. The best of both worlds – and best for our planet.

A sustainable alternative to liquid soap

Because the world needs a sustainable alternative to liquid soap – which can only be packaged in disposable plastic, requires chemicals to keep it usable and is 85 to 90% water. And not just any water – liquid soap often contains fresh water from places where it’s very scarce. From there, the water-filled bottles are then transported around the globe. Creating even more emissions, wastage and pollution.

So it’s time to say goodbye to that disposable-plastic soap dispenser and hello to a new, environmentally-friendly way of washing your hands! So use our clever re-fillable dispensers using natural solid soap.

Together, we can transform how the world washes its hands: conveniently, hygienically and without damaging the environment.


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