Product awards

Product awards

Product awards


Soap for on the go



Internationally acclaimed design

The LESSEAU bar soap shaver dispenser is not just any product. This dispenser is an ingenious design, which was created and brought to life by a team of product designers who value hygiene and safety, and also have a passion for reusable and refillable products. This was recognized by the judges of two prestigious product design awards, making the LESSEAU Travel soap dispenser an internationally-acclaimed prize-winning product. We are extremely proud of this achievement.

IF Design Award 2019

The IF Design Awards are hosted by IF International Forum Design GmbH, the oldest independent design organization in the world, from Hannover. Winning an IF Design award is a global symbol of high-quality design. Each year, products are judged by a panel of independent experts from various disciplines. The LESSEAU Travel soap dispenser won the Product category of the IF Design Award in 2019.

LESSEAU en IF Design Award 2019

product awards
red dot 2018 winner

Red Dot Award 2018

The international “Red Dot Design Award” is awarded to companies whose endeavours stand out due to their design. The products in question are tested one by one, and judged by a panel of 39 expert judges, from a range of disciplines. This year, there were more than 6300 nominations from 59 different countries. Those who win a Red Dot Award are considered to be among the best in terms of design and business.

Red Dot


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