Cooperation at the highest level

At LESSEAU, we hold certain values. With our soap and our soap dispensers, we strive for a cleaner world. Our mission is “to change the way people around the world wash their hands and use soap, by using less water, bar soap, no single use of plastic and less transportation.” We want to convey this in all facets of LESSEAU and this includes partnering with companies, agencies and individuals who support and promote our mission. Ragna Debats and Pere Aurell breathe our philosophy, they are enthusiastic about LESSEAU and know better than anyone how nice it is to be able to wash your hands anywhere and anytime.

Who are Ragna and Pere?

The Rolling Mountains

Ragna Debats and Pere Aurell are the personification of LESSEAU. They always strive for more, they appreciate nature, they are aware of the value and beauty of our planet, they travel the world and actively go straight for their goal. For this couple, no mountain is too high.

Both Ragna and Pere are ultra trail runners. This means that they run distances of 50 to as much as 170 km, with great elevation gain. In 2019, they started their project The Rolling Mountains, where they want to run a prestigious mountain marathon on all 7 continents of the world. As a couple, they are travelling around the world with their daughter and dog. You can follow their adventure at: The Rolling Mountains.

Mutual partnership

To fund it, they are working with several sponsors, including LESSEAU. And like LESSEAU, both Ragna and Pere consider the added value of a sponsor, for both their journey and their conviction. In 2020, because of the Covid-19 outbreak, this family found themselves stranded in Costa Rica. There they spent some time camping on the beach, with very few resources. Actually, at that time, they would have loved to have the LESSEAU Travel bar soap dispenser in use. Partly because of this adventure and the mission of LESSEAU (Natural sustainable hygiene for everyone, everywhere), Ragna and Pere now make frequent use of the soap dispenser. They express their unsourced opinions on the dispenser and its use in photos and videos on their Social media channels and their Rolling Mountains website. Follow these two top performers on the social media links below. Or watch below their adventure in North America where LESSEAU was the main sponsor.

Compact sustainable hygiene, a safe feeling wherever you go. Was je handen, bescherm je gezondheid met LESSEAU®!