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How do I use the LESSEAU Travel soap dispenser?
  1. Rotate the upper half of the dispenser with dry hands.
  2. The lid of the dispenser closes at every click.
  3. Add water and wash your hands.
hoe werkt de dispenser how to use
How many times should I twist the LESSEAU soap dispenser in order to get the right amount of soap?

You really only need to turn the dispenser once in order for it to supply you with the perfect amount of soap to wash your hands thoroughly. Simply turn it clockwise until you hear a click. If you’d prefer to use more soap, twist a few more times and more soap will be dispensed into your palm.

How to open the LESSEAU Travel soap dispenser?
  1. Use the palm of your hand to open the dispenser by rotating – the colored inner ring – counterclockwise.
  2. Close the dispenser by softly compressing it until the upper and bottom ring close, then rotate the colored inner ring clockwise.
hoe gaat de dispenser open
What should I do with the leftover soap?

When it comes time to refill the dispenser, there will likely be a little bit of soap left over from the previous bar. Just place the new bar on top of the leftovers, and they’ll be used up next time you use the dispenser. This way, there’s no waste!

How can I be sure that the soap won’t fall out of the dispenser after use?

The LESSEAU Travel soap dispenser was designed to seal with a click. This prevents soap from slipping out of the dispenser, and keeps it clean and dry as well. No mess, and no waste.

How can I make sure that the dispenser doesn’t get stuck?
  • The dispenser might be a little harder to twist just after you’ve replaced the soap. Just turn it counterclockwise, then clockwise again, and the dispenser will be easy to twist once again.
  • The LESSEAU dispenser might get a little bit stiff with repeated use. This means it’s time to give it a clean, and let it dry completely before use. The dispenser is dishwasher-safe. FAQ FAQ
How should I clean the dispenser?

The LESSEAU Travel soap dispenser is dishwasher-safe. In order to wash it in the dishwasher, you should:

  • Open the dispenser;
  • Place both halves in the cutlery rack of your dishwasher;
  • Leave the dispenser out to dry completely after washing;
  • Put the soap back into the dispenser (or put a new bar in);
  • Close the dispenser again.

The dispenser is now once again ready to go!


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