The importance of washing your hands

Take care of yourself and illuminate the virus

You get up and realize that you’ve caught a cold, a few moments later you are coughing and who knows maybe you will have a fever in a few days. That is something that can overcome anyone, but why?

Personal hygiene is very important because you will get in contact with bacteria in many ways. Did you know that your smartphone contains even more bacteria than a toilet seat? All kinds of objects we touch with our hands contain bacteria and with these hands, we touch our face. And through harmful bacteria, you can catch a virus.

Research shows that we touch our faces 23 times per hour. This is insane often when you think about it. And even more, the moment that you realize how many bacteria there are on your hands. This varies between 39,000 and 4,600,000. An average hand contains 150 different species. You must try to maintain this number, and that is why it is so extremely important that you wash your hands regularly.

According to the RIVM, these are the most important moments to wash your hands:

  • when your hands are dirty;
  • before (preparing) food; and after touching raw meat.
  • after visiting the toilet;
  • after coughing, sneezing in the hands;
  • after nose blowing;
  • after playing outside;
  • after changing a child;
  • after stroking or cuddling (domestic) animals;
  • after cleaning. So also, after using a dishcloth.

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