Top 10 activities with Travel Soap

Friends of ours will soon be crossing Europe by bike. On the guest bed, all the necessary objects were neatly organized and ready to take away. Small packages, lightweight material, waterproof bags, and everything in small packages, because the more you take with you, the heavier the effort. And let’s just love convenience and efficiency.

This gave me the idea to compile a top 10 activity list where our soap dispenser meets the above requirements. The LESSEAU Travel soap dispenser is small (fits in your pocket), has no unnecessary weight (it contains a dry piece of soap), no mess, and always allows you to wash your hands wherever you are (even near a streamlet, because the soap is vegetable). And yes, it’s just a cool thing.

Top 10

  1. Cycling tours
  2. Hiking tours
  3. Camping
  4. City tours
  5. Visit amusement parks
  6. Water- and winter sports
  7. Festivals
  8. Moving /chores
  9. Beach visit
  10. On the road

Of course, this list is endless, that’s why I always have the dispenser in my handbag or backpack. To ensure that I don’t forget it!

Where do you take the LESSEAU Travel soap dispenser?

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