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In recent years, I have become increasingly aware of our consumer society and its impact on the environment. But let’s face it, there is still so much where I can take positive steps towards a cleaner planet. For example, I am now aware that the transport of skin and care products means that we mainly transport water in disposable plastic bottles. I would like to tell you more about this.

Water versus soap transport

A lot of hand soap (but also shampoo and shower gels) are produced elsewhere on the planet. One bottle of hand soap contains mainly water and soap is mixed in the water. However, the soap component contains only 4% of the complete product. This means that we mainly transport water. In contrast, LESSEAU soap does not contain water.

Plastic bottles versus reusable dispenser

Meanwhile, the plastic soup in our oceans is no longer an unknown phenomenon. We can no longer ignore the fact that the use of disposable plastic doesn’t do animals, plants, or our entire planet any good. That is why the single-use of disposable plastic is banned in stages. Why do I mention this? The soap bottles that are still widely used today, come into our waste after use. So do all small bottles with alcoholic hand sanitizers for on the road. They are not reused. LESSEAU’s soap dispenser is strong and is made to fill again and again with a new soap. No disposable plastic and it fits in any bag.

Transport space

Taking note of the above information I did ring a bell, where we ship one LESSEAU Travel soap dispenser, with one soap, there is one bottle of hand soap (content 300 ml) opposite. The difference in space it takes up is big, but also the unnecessary transport of water surprises me. We can counteract this together.

So, with the use of the LESSEAU Travel soap dispenser you can make a difference. Who do you inform about these new insights?

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