Soap for your walks

Travel soap on the go

I love to walk through nature with my dog, we like to go to forests and polder views. During our walks, I often make a stop to drink some water and eat some fruit. Afterward I like to wash my hands and freshen up a bit.

My refreshment

With my LESSEAU Travel soap dispenser this is very pleasant: grating a little soap in my hands, pouring water from my water bottle, and washing my hands in the middle of nature.

Natural pleasure

That I can wash my hands in the middle of nature without harming nature is possible because LESSEAU soap consists of vegetable (i.e. natural) ingredients. I feel comfortable with this and recommend it to you as well. 

I am curious during which outdoor activities you (will) use the LESSEAU soap. Who knows, you might inspire me for beautiful trips.

Fresh greetings from KarinLESSEAU blog

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