Teaming up with Diversey

Arnhem, February 2024

We are delighted to inform you that LESSEAU and Diversey – a Solenis company – are teaming up to make a big change in reducing the CO2 footprint in the washroom industry. After a thorough search for the right global partner, we are convinced that Diversey is that partner. Not only was it the Diversey sustainable innovation history that convinced us, but especially the passion of the people we met, – to make a positive impact – that convinced us to team up.

No plastic waste

Our innovative and very attractive solid-soap dispense systems were developed to make a significant reduction in CO2-footprint. Due to its efficiency and size, our soap bars reduce the transportation cost/impact by more than a factor 10. The best part is that there is no plastic waste after using our soap bars, imagine the impact here!

“Lesseau convincingly won the CSU innovation award in November 2022 with the no-touch bar soap dispense system. The jury was impressed by the smart hygiene solution for an important daily ritual: washing hands! The bar soap and the innovative dispenser prevents a landfill of plastic, saves water and, above all, the extreme small packaging results in far fewer transport movements. A triple win!

Marcel and his team are passionate entrepreneurs with a warm-hearted mission. They used the prize money of 10,000 euros to provide primary schools with the no-touch bar soap system for free. Spot-on because it is precisely this target group that determines sustainable behaviour and sustainable use in the future. It is wonderful to see that this Dutch invention is going to make Global impact. Cheers for innovation and entrepreneurship!”.

Esmée Ficheroux, member of the board of directors CSU
One of the leading cleaning services companies in the Netherlands

Making the change

When we started this adventure, it was clear to us that the market was ready for a change, but also that time is ticking for our planet. One can only have real impact when the innovation is introduced globally, in our case making sure that millions of truck movements and tonnes of plastic waste are saved. In our search for a partner, the capability for a swift and thorough global rollout was always our main driver for choice. We feel that there is a good fit with Diversey and are very confident that we can make that change together.

If you’re not familiar with our products yet, look and order at one of our solid soap dispense products. When you’re a professional, please fill in the form on: and we’ll get back to you soon.


Marcel Magermans

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